Rosette Face Wash Pasta Sea Mud Smooth




Product description
Classification: Non-pharmaceutical products
Rosette Cleansing Pasta Acne Clear 120G
Clean and gentle wash up
It is a medicinal face cleansing foam that blends W clay and extinguishing & moisturizing ingredients.
“Pasta” means “flour is kneaded and pasted”.
Creamy foam containing fine-grained clay powder, thoroughly wash off sebum and pores while protecting moisture, reduce inflammation and prevent acne.
Fresh green herb scent
Turn off acne in W Clay
Sea mud & Gasur (clean ingredient) adsorbs and removes pores and clears old excess horny.
Anti-flame and moisturizing ingredients to prevent skin irritation
Active ingredient glycyrrhetinate stearyl and Japanese plant moisturizing.
Colorless & Minerless Oil


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